You might like to read this page to discover more about how we manage the client's personal information.

Webpage visitor details

Every time a client uses our website, we get data about the Internet browsing software and operating system they use. We utilize that data to understand your expectations better and improve the web-site’s user-friendliness, but we in no way disclose it to any third parties for commercial or some other purposes.

Web Cookies

We gather browser cookies, that is, data files saved on your computer whenever you browse the Internet, for marketing reasons to analyze this info via Google Analytics. Web cookies show details about the visitor's Internet browser activity, but do not include any private information. The cookie information is returned to our company in the form of internet activity reports after being analyzed by Google.

Personal information

If you wish to place an order here it'll require you to provide us with your payment information and contact details. Such type of details are used only in case there are issues regarding the order, and we guarantee its privacy. We under no circumstances sell or grant access to the client details for any purposes. We'll use your e-mail address to notify you about the order progress. There's a number of urgent cases that might require us to phone you. However, those are rare scenarios when there's a need for extra explanations, or attached files are corrupted, etc.

External Web-sites Links

When we host some links to other external resources on our site, keep in mind that we can't be held responsible for any material or issues associated with those web-sites. Consumer needs are continuously changing, so we try to modify our online privacy policy section routinely. To keep up with any possible policy changes go through this section from time to time.