Good Pop Culture Essay Topics Examples

If you are reading this, chances are you are a student who has to do an essay writing assignment related to pop culture. You are at the right place. In this article, you'll learn more about the subject area, essay topics for pop culture, and what you can get from choosing us to create your custom essay tailored to your requirements.

Now take a few minutes to consider this next question. What do the following share in common: Dabbing, Messi, Ronaldo, Migos, twerking, Kardashians, blings, whip, drip, crib? If you are not sure, well here is the answer - they are all objects of pop culture. The names are those of popular sportsmen, hip-hop artists and ‘reality tv' stars who all are social influencers in their own right, using words that become popular in use such as those already mentioned:

With the above question answered with clarifying explanations, you may now have to ask yourself, "What then is pop culture?" Pop culture, short form for 'popular culture,' refers to the prevailing set of styles, expressions, practices, beliefs and other ways of life that are widespread and with a growing influence on people at any given point or short periods in time. As the name suggests, it refers to the set of things that are popular with people at some period or point in time due to influences from various visible aspects of public life like sports, music, movies, politics and so on. Popular culture is an important subject area worthy of academic study if only because of its increasingly powerful influence on the youths and how that it can be carried forward many years into the future. It affects how people choose to dress, appear, speak, associate with others, their buying patterns, and even their sexuality. With the prevalence and affordable access to the Internet, social media platforms, smartphones, and other mobile devices, the visibility and effect of popular culture are stronger than it has ever been.

Students majoring in a humanities discipline or taking courses that are related to humanities such as sociology are likely going to be given essay or research paper writing assignments about pop culture or some specific aspects of it. With the familiarity or high visibility of its aspects in our daily life, it would seem easy to come up with topics. But you should understand that the emphasis should rightly be on having good pop culture essay topics. That is why we will mainly focus on giving you good ideas about them in this article.

Essay Topics About Pop Culture from Different Aspects

If you are not given a list of essay topics about pop culture to choose from, then you may have been allowed the liberty of selecting yours. That is where things get tricky. You shouldn't just rush into generating any topic that comes to mind. As stated earlier, you should focus on having a good topic. If you have any number of topics in mind, you can refine them by consulting with your professor or whoever is responsible for dealing with the assignment. In this section, you will explore over 30 topic ideas we have listed based on different areas or forms of the essay assignment may take. We hope this helps you identify what topic you would like to work on and then refine it with your course professor. Remember, after doing so, you can and should quickly get started with us to research and write for you.

Pop Culture Analysis Essay Topics

In this section, we list ten pop culture analysis essay topics that can help you get insights into the nature of writing an analysis essay concerning pop culture:

  1. Assess the roles of social media in influencing purchasing patterns and fashion choices of millennials and teenagers.
  2. Evaluate the impact of excessive use of social media on the attention span of users.
  3. Investigate various ways music stars influence their youthful fan base.
  4. Assess the relevance of paparazzi in promoting celebrities in news media.
  5. Explore the roles celebrities bearing children out of wedlock play in increasing and spreading acceptance of the reproductive behavior in youths.
  6. How has Donald Trump's campaign rhetorics affected racial relationships in America since his election victory?
  7. Explore how violence in movies and games affect the psychological dispositions of teenagers in America.
  8. Analyze the impact of a celebrity's social media post in driving solicited action or change.
  9. Explore the influence of basketball in uniting Americans.
  10. Explore how soccer world cup tournaments unite people.

Pop Culture Argumentative Essay Topics

Because there are diverse aspects to pop culture, it is a commonplace for ideas and opinions to be divided on what is valid, right, or should be accepted as normal. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that students tasked with writing essay assignments on pop culture will very likely be required to write an argumentative essay. To make things easy for students who may struggle to find or come up with their own topics, we present below ten ideas for argumentative essay topics on pop culture:

  1. Is pop culture having more negative than positive influence on youths today?
  2. Can pop culture remain popular and retain its meaning without emphasis on the sexualization of women and men?
  3. Are parents responsible for the early or frequent exposure of their kids and teenage children to negative aspects of pop culture?
  4. Should musical artists and actors be blamed for negative habits taken up from watching their music videos and films?
  5. Same-sex relationships in movies: should it be frequently depicted and supported?
  6. Should social media be censored or uncensored to allow freedom of expression?
  7. Posting, following, and commenting: are teenagers in the 21st century (Z or Smartphone generation) more distracted and concerned about what others think of them compared to teenagers during the 90's?
  8. Does sexualization and degrading of females in music video and movies contribute significantly to the sexist perception of female roles and importance in society?
  9. Are social media influencers worth spending money on for brand/product promotions?
  10. The positive power of sports: should sports stars be more active in social media as influencers given the often positive impact of sports on society?

Controversial Pop Culture Essay Topics

When it comes to discussing pop culture, there is never a shortage of controversial issues. Hence, you may find it interesting to look at some controversial pop culture essay topics. Below are ten of such to get you thinking:

  1. Same-sex relationship: should it be more widely accepted and practiced?
  2. Should teenage relationships and pregnancies be accepted as normal given increasing numbers of baby mamas and daddies?
  3. Transgender relationships affected or changed by later life sex reassignments;
  4. Should social media be censored or uncensored to allow freedom of expression?
  5. Should revealing female dress styles be strictly controlled or allowed in public as a means of self-expression?
  6. Are porn stars to be considered celebrities and role models in pop culture?
  7. Build the wall, make America great again: is Donald Trump chiefly to be blamed for an increase in racial tensions and nationalist demonstrations in America since he became president?
  8. Are reality TVs like Big Brother house of any value to their audience and broader society?
  9. Access to pornography - should it be and can it be wholly censored from the Z-generation?
  10. Should same-sex unions be universally legalized if not socially accepted?

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Pop Culture

Here are good cause and effect essay topics on pop culture:

  1. Parents or celebrities: who exerts the most influences on teenagers to aspire to their lifestyles or professions?
  2. Transgender transformation: what social and cultural factors are playing prominent roles in people openly coming out as being transgender?
  3. Are there underlying biological pieces of evidence to support or validate the concept of transgender identity in humans?
  4. Does strict and religious upbringing have effects on the behavior of children as they mature into adults especially in a highly secular and materialistic modern society?
  5. Life-imitating art: should negative youth behaviors and habits imbibed from watching music videos and movies be blamed on celebrities who are simply acting roles?
  6. Can paparazzi wield influence in increasing or decreasing the fame of celebrities?
  7. Is excessive exposure to sexualization and pornography in American popular culture responsible for increasing acceptance of same-sex relationships?
  8. Do conspiracy theories influence people and pop culture?
  9. Money or personality: does a wealth of celebrities as opposed to style and personality give them power and influence over people?
  10. Are parents responsible for negative behaviours of their children who are given smartphones and heavily exposed to pop culture by using it?

The nature of research topics around pop culture can vary widely since the subject has numerous aspects to it. You can even look into funny pop culture essay topics that can amuse and lighten the mood of your reader.

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