Diverse Nursing Research Topics to Explore in Your Assignment

Health is a thing of the greatest importance to each of us. It is an aspect of our lives that often becomes a matter of study in various branches of science, such as biology, medicine, physiology, etc. Students, especially those of them who study medicine, write different academic papers that explore different healthcare and nursing-related issues. In this article, we will be focusing on one of these branches of science, and more specifically, on nursing. We’ve prepared some good nursing research topics using which you can easily get an A + for your paper. You will be undoubtedly surprised by the fact that nursing issues aren’t limited to the color of the uniform or amount of sleepless nights. Please, keep in mind that the research topics for nursing students we are offering you are not only original but also thought-provoking You can rest assured that you will find a perfect research paper topic for you, regardless of what your study field is.

List of Research Topics in Nursing: Choose the Area

Nursing is a fascinating topic that can provide the student with a variety of exciting and thought-provoking questions, or even riddles. To facilitate the process of choosing a topic, we have divided our list of research topics in the nursing field into several major groups. That way you’ll be able to pick topics related to pediatrics, psychiatry, nursing informatics, and critical care issues, or a relevant theme that will be perfect for your Ph.D. paper. Find pertinent and exciting research topics for nursing college students or enjoy a variety of ideas if you are keen on studying in this particular field.

Ph.D. nursing research topics

Ready to start on that important Ph.D. paper but don’t know what topic to choose? This stage is quite important. Therefore, you should approach it responsibly. The nursing Ph.D. research isn’t a simple assignment, so simply stating some commonly-known facts isn’t enough. Look at the list below, and maybe one of these issues will inspire you!

  1. The interrelation between nursing and medicine.
  2. The role of nursing in the physician-patient concept.
  3. Medical and social characteristics of patients with paranoid schizophrenia.
  4. The challenges of nursing during World War II.
  5. Things a nurse is guided by while acting independently.
  6. Nursing education and its role in the health system.
  7. Education and training of the next generation of specialists.
  8. Improvement of preparation of nurses for modern clinics.
  9. To what extent are nurses free in their actions?

Neonatal nursing research topics

The birth of a new life is a real miracle for many people. Neonatal nursing implies the study of many things in detail, which is why this aspect requires a lot of attention. What topics can you come up with if you are interested in this area of nursing?

  1. Daily care for a healthy newborn.
  2. Screening and vaccination of newborns in an obstetric hospital.
  3. Neonatal department: structure, the organization of temperature regime, hygiene and cleanliness.
  4. The value of monitoring the newborn’s physical development.
  5. Skincare and mucous membranes of the newborn.
  6. Parental consulting on the state of health, growth, and development of the child in the first months of life.
  7. Assisting parents to care about the newborn at home.
  8. Features of the newborn’s psychomotor development, assessment of the hearing and visual development.
  9. Symptoms requiring doctor consultation or hospitalization.
  10. Breastfeeding, its role in the formation of the child’s organs and systems.

Pediatric nursing research topics

There are many different aspects of Pediatrics that you can successfully include and describe in your research paper.

  1. Bronchial sprays for children.
  2. Importance of vaccination of newborns.
  3. Nursing in the curing of different childhood diseases.
  4. Different techniques important for successful pediatric nursing.
  5. Causes of lethal outcomes in pediatric nursing.
  6. The psychological component of the pediatric nursing.
  7. Using an incubator for neonatal care.
  8. Methods of identifying any underdevelopment in children.
  9. Pediatric nursing: How to persuade parents of the necessity of their child’s treatment.
  10. Pediatric counseling on the development and upbringing of the baby.

Critical care nursing research topics

It is quite obvious that critical care nursing is of particular interest for pediatric practice.

  1. Critical care and resuscitation are the most important aspects of anesthesiology and emergency medicine.
  2. Organization of anesthetic and resuscitative care.
  3. Place and role of critical care in pediatric practice.
  4. Peculiarities of autopsy after critical care and resuscitation.
  5. The concept of vocational education of nurses in anesthesiology and critical care in the USA.
  6. Xenon anesthesia: a new direction in modern critical care.
  7. Extracorporeal pharmacotherapy: realities and prospects.
  8. Main mistakes and difficulties in resuscitation.
  9. Anaesthetist-nurse as a specialist in critical care and resuscitation team.
  10. Resuscitation and critical care during a coma.

Psychiatric nursing research topics

Our mental health is just as important as a physical one, that’s why nursing implies spending considerable time to explore its psychiatric aspect. Study the topics list below to discover a range of ideas for your research.

  1. Peculiarities involved in being a nurse on duty in mental hospitals.
  2. Nurses’ ability to advise the patient (family) on the prevention of mental, drug diseases and their complications.
  3. Clinical manifestation of major psychopathological symptoms.
  4. Alcoholism, drug addiction, and toxicomania. Examinations and planning of rehabilitation measures.
  5. How mental disorders change with age.
  6. General principles of care and examination methods for patients with mental illnesses.
  7. Infectious safety and control.
  8. Medical examination: verification of intoxication state.
  9. Dementia in Alzheimer's disease. Organization of care and supervision.
  10. Syndromes of confused consciousness: delirium, amenia, twilight disorder, oneiroid syndrome.

Nursing informatics research paper topics

Advances in IT have made it possible to use the latest technologies in nursing and medicine. This approach improves medical care and also enhances various possibilities of medicine. Let's look at how informatics can be successfully included in your paper.

  1. Review of nursing software.
  2. Barcodes for accurate identification of patients.
  3. The map of your body: a device for visualization of veins.
  4. Convenience of modern beds and bedside monitors in hospitals.
  5. Innovative projects and theoretical research in medicine.
  6. The effectiveness of satellite telemedicine.
  7. Modern nursing technologies in surgery.
  8. Nurse computer-assisted workplace.
  9. Importance of accuracy in automatically generated charts and reports in nursing.
  10. Implementation of informatics in nursing to ensure productivity growth.

Now, you can see that nursing area is full of topics you can explore in your research paper. We hope that all these nursing research topics ideas will make the process of preparing for your assignment a lot more simple.