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Have you ever asked yourself, what is the importance of your mother tongue? Can a person lose it, and will the loss of the mother tongue be entirely painless for his or her self-identity? As English is used by many nations, it is considered to be a multicultural language. It's impossible to start speaking in the same manner as native English speakers at once. One needs to put a lot of efforts into it. That is why your variant of English differs and sometimes even influences your perception of it. We hope that any non-native speaker of English who is assigned to write such an essay will find something relevant in this "mother tongue essay: purpose, tips" article. The language you speak is more than just a language. Writing an essay about mother tongue, you will have a chance to think about the way you use your second language and the way it differs from others. Some people who shared their personal stories in their essays, tell how difficult it was to maneuver between their own cultural community and the new English one. One of the most famous essays on this topic is the "Mother tongue" by Amy Tan.

Amy is a writer, and she can speak perfect English now. However, she remembers a lot of situations when her mother tongue affected her English and the effects of this, which even resulted in her study grades. The choice of the future profession was even based on her desire to prove her mastery of English.

Mother Tongue Essay Purpose to Pursue

The goal of writing an essay about mother tongue is to define the sense, the meaning of the native language for every person. Learning a new language may become a challenging task, sometimes we give up, sometimes we have to practice more and more to master it. However, when you start learning, and when you progress, you would feel that the learning is not only about the grammar and vocabulary, it is also about the culture, traditions, and perception of the world through the language you use. Some researchers proved, we change our viewpoint and understanding of reality when we use different languages. Analysing this idea will help you write a rhetorical essay on mother tongue.

Mother Tongue Essay Analysis Strategy

Sometimes you will be asked to think over the essays on a particular topic and analyze them. One of the most common tasks is to come up with the critical analysis essay on mother tongue Amy Tan. Since the author tells her own story, you will find a lot of interesting facts about language and culture. It will be interesting to see author's perception of English through her own culture and community, as well as the perception of her own culture through English language realia.

Expository Mother Tongue Essay Features

Mother tongue essay is not an essay type, and it's more about the theme or topic. Be prepared to write various essay types using the theme about mother tongue or analyzing other essays on the topic. For example, when we talk about an expository mother tongue essay, first of all, let's revise what you remember about the expository essays in general. What's the purpose of it? How do you write it? What is the structure? So, an expository essay asks you to explain a particular topic in a very straightforward way. You don't need to share your personal opinion in this case – your essay should be based on facts analysis. For example, "Explain how your mother tongue influences your second language perception." The essay structure is similar to the majority of other essay types – 5 paragraph (introduction, three body paragraphs, and the last is the conclusion).

Personal Mother Tongue Essay Writing

Unlike an expository essay, personal mother tongue essay will follow completely different rules. Here you are to write about your own experience, share your personal feelings and emotions towards your mother tongue and the way it impacted your identity. Writing your personal story is not an easy thing to do, so get prepared for it in advance. You can talk about many things concerning your culture, community, languages you speak, the way, situations and the context in which you use your languages in the society, peaking with your family, your peers, friends, colleagues.

Good Tips For a Mother Tongue Essay

  1. Choose a topic which motivates you to write, think and reflect.
  2. Don't use too specific or too abstract language.
  3. Content is important! Try to make it unrealistic when you tell about your choices or decisions. Keep it logical and concise.
  4. Avoid mistakes: proofread your essay several times. You can also ask a friend to read it.
  5. Give the context to the facts and the situations you are describing.

Work on your assignment attentively and diligently, and you will succeed. We hope our guidelines will help you to prepare a perfect essay.