Money-back guarantee

Doing our utmost, we try to fulfill all the expectations of our clients, offering them only premium-quality essays or any other papers. Having made the decision to order our help, it can be nice to get acquainted with our money back guarantee page to be certain of the dependability of our service. It will allow us to work comfortably and without confusions.

Generally, our customers do not use this option - thanks to our excellent results that meet even really strict time frames. There's also a revision option to satisfy every single criteria.

If the situation you've got corresponds the instances listed below, you can undoubtedly count on a refund. We would like to point out that only in some instances you will have the possibility to return all your money paid.

100% refund

  1. Exactly the same order placed two times
    In case of finding yourself in this type of situation, we recommend our customers to get ahold of our consumer support department and inform us at the earliest opportunity. But, in case the writer was assigned before you contacted our support, you would not receive a full refund; therefore fill the order form carefully.
  2. Customer had cancelled their order before we appointed a suitable writer
    We think you won't need any detailed explanations here. You can definitely return the entire sum, having called off your order before it was assigned to our writer.
  3. If there are some issues with selecting a suitable writer to complete the order
    It is a rare situation, but you should understand that it still can happen in cases when most writers are busy or/and your task is fairly complex.
  4. Placed one order - paid twice
    Unfortunately, even considering that we're very meticulous with managing all the orders and bills, occasionally such problems can happen. If you pay twice for one order, contact the customer support team without delay. We should underline that a 100 % refund can be done only if you have saved the receipt copies and can show them to us.

Partial refund

The client has a possibility to receive a part of their spendings back in the following cases:

  1. Late delivery
    We work with a great accountability with regards to meeting deadlines, but sometimes, which is extremely rare, there are things beyond our control. The refund is determined by various factors, that is why it is discussed individually. To prevent this sort of situations, the clients need to be very careful too. Sometimes it is difficult for us to begin working on the order because the customer hasn’t sent us some necessary materials. In situations like this, the money-back option won't be given. Make certain that all the required files are sent to us just after filling out the order form.
  2. The specialist has been appointed, but you decide to call off your order
    Under these circumstances, you'll be able to receive up to 70% of your money back, and the rest will be paid to the writer for the time and effort. Make sure to call off your order when there's over fifty percent of the determined time left to the due date. If not, you will get only a 50% of the paid amount back.
  3. Issues after you have received a finished order
    Let our manager review your feedback about our work, and we will do our utmost to resolve any difficulties. The refund will depend on our findings. We want to assure you that we do our utmost for our clients to be happy with the outcome, so such cases are very rare.
  4. Plagiarism in your paper?
    Any customer, who's shown us the existence of plagiarized materials in the received paper is entitled to a partial refund or revision.

No refund

  1. You received a mark which does not match your expectations
    Providing you with top-rate papers, we cannot ensure that your teacher or professor will assess it the way it should theoretically be assessed.
  2. Formatting, editing, proofreading
    Remember that this kind of services with the previously written document is always done without making any changes to your work’s content material. We're not liable for any complaints concerning the content.

Money-back process

Once you request a refund and it is validated, you can get your money back not later than 5 business days following the confirmation itself. We would like to underscore that our service is not accountable for any problems related to the third parties involved (e.g. banks).

Applying for your money back, remember that its sum should be more than 10 USD; otherwise, you just won’t have a chance to use this option due to transaction fees required by banks. If your refund is less than 10 USD, don't worry - we offer our clients the money-reservation option so that you can spend it on our services next time.