Essay about Lying — Writing Guide with Samples

After reading this article, you’ll know everything about types of this writing and how to prepare a perfect paper easily. You will also find out what to include in this type of paper and which topics to cover.

How to Start an Essay about Lying Properly?

Good writing usually starts with a compelling hook sentence, and essays about lies are no exception to this rule. Start with a shocking fact about lies or recall some sad statistics about lying in your society. Other good ideas on how to start an essay about lying include:

After that, specify whether you justify any types of lies, and move on to the body paragraphs.

Argumentative Essay about Lying

When Can You Justify Lies?

“Telling lies in certain situations to postpone emotional pain or other negative feelings can be quite justifiable. It may include, for example, lying to a little kid about the death of one of their parents because they are not yet old enough to accept the bitter truth. If you decide to tell half the truth, come up with a scenario that the little one will be able to handle and take it one step at a time. Lying can be justified when you deal with older adults with a heart condition for whom the consequences of hearing the truth may be quite fatal. Finding out the sad truth about their loved ones can cause them too much pain and suffering and result in their premature passing away. Telling a lie to save a life is, therefore, something that I find perfectly excusable because it may help people deal with a stressful situation or even save their lives sometimes.”

5 Paragraph Essay about Lying

Analyzing Lies Based on Sara Shepard’s ‘The Lying Game’
The Lying Game by Sara Shepard ‘ tells a story of Emma and Sutton — two twin sisters who have never heard of each other and come from very different social backgrounds. After being told by her step-brother that she’s got a sibling, Emma travels to the town where Sutton lives only to find out that she’s dead. Emma decides to assume Sutton’s identity to find out how she came by her death but very soon finds herself dragged into a deadly game where her life is at stake. One lie generates another, and the only way to extricate herself from this dangerous situation is to continue to pose as Sutton.
There have been several screen adaptations of the book, one of the best and most popular examples being a film starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. However, even though it is considered the best screen version, the original novel is still far more convincing as far as exploring the topic of lying is concerned.
What’s the moral? Think twice before telling lies. Emma and Sutton may look the same and even have similar characters, but every human has to live their own life and tricking everyone will not work forever. As far as I’m concerned, I would recommend reading the book before watching the movie, because the former seems more realistic to me. I would like to conclude by quoting a famous proverb: The bitterest truth is better than the sweetest lies’. You can write a good 5 paragraph essay about lying focusing on this example.

Narrative Essay about Lying

Your narrative essay about lying may look like the following one:

The Lies My Grandpa Told Me… And Everyone Else
“In this personal essay, I’d like to relate a story of my grandpa who told a lot of lies during his college years. Why? Because he wanted to stand out from the crowd ts and get the attention of the pretty girls in college. He shared one of his most sophisticated lies with me, so I am now ready to share it with everybody else.
Being very shy, he decided to change his life completely after a guy in his college committed suicide. Unlike my grandpa, the guy was quite popular, so he decided to pose as his best friend after discovering letters he wrote to some mysterious ‘A Since the name of my grandpa is Arnold, he showed the letter to the dead boy’s inconsolable parents, and that’s when the serious game began. Hardly did he know what awaited him ahead…”

Cause and Effect Essay about Lying

Look through our sample of cause and effect essay about lying to understand the general purpose of this specific assignment better.

Reasons Why People Lie and Its Outcomes
“We all have to lie now and then to stay out of trouble. But what if our intentions are not that innocent? What if the main purpose of telling a lie is to cause harm to other people or make them believe that you are better than them? There was a girl at my school who had no passion or talent for poetry, but who was in love with a handsome boy from the art class. Even though he had a girlfriend, she decided to make them break up by stealing that girl's poems. After that, she went around telling everyone she was the author, reading them out loud to that guy. However, he eventually learned the truth and dumped her for good, so all her efforts came to nothing. The lesson to be drawn? I believe that instead of lying to ourselves and others we should find our natural talent and concentrate on developing it.”

Good Things to Include in an Essay about Lying

No matter whether you write the compare and contrast essay about lying or any other type of paper on this topic, we recommend including the following in your work:

  1. Impressive and captivating title;
  2. Eye-catching hook;
  3. Powerful introduction;
  4. Sound thesis statement;
  5. Logical body paragraphs with topic sentences;
  6. Transition words;
  7. Breathtaking conclusion;
  8. A full list of references.

If you are looking for good things to include in an essay about lying, we recommend you to pay some attention to the points above.

Essay Topics about Lying to Write On

Let’s have a look at some more essay topics about lying:

  1. Psychology of lying.
  2. Basic qualities of people who tell lies regularly.
  3. Lying for the sake of life.
  4. Youth is not the right time to lie.
  5. Telling lies to your teacher.
  6. The danger of telling lies.
  7. Lying to your parents.
  8. How to justify lying.
  9. When one lie results in another.
  10. Telling lies in business.

Now that we have discussed what to include in your essay about lying, provided examples, and shared great topic ideas, you should have no problems with writing this type of paper. If you still do, do not hesitate to contact professional essay writers online and get the support you need.