Essay About Life Writing Guide

Come up with the best essay about life: writing, topics, and ideas from this article will help you get the desired score. Students usually receive a lot of tasks, the majority of them require work with sources and exploring the topics closely. That is the main reason that essays about life may mislead you – they don’t ask you to research sources. It looks like this is the reason most students underestimate their specifics and cannot cope with such assignments. That’s why you need to remember – if you’re a good storyteller and your friends are happy with your stories, it doesn’t mean your essay will automatically be successful. Lets’ analyze the most common mistakes and avoid them.

Writing About Life — Useful Advice

How to Start an Essay about Your Life

Any essay starts with an introduction. Would it be specific when we are talking about ourselves? Sure, you can adjust it to the topic you’ve chosen, and create a suspect of the events you are speaking about in your paper. introduction, as well as the topic, grab your readers’ attention, so don’t skip this part.

Body Paragraph for an Essay about Life

As a rule, a body follows the introduction and needs to be structurally organized. When you prepare to write the main part, divide your story into three paragraphs. They should be logically connected with each other and, depending on the order of your events, lead readers from the beginning to the climax and resolution of your story. That is why you need minimum three paragraphs, but sometimes you may want to add more if you need.

Conclusion for an Essay about Life

Depending on the topic selected, the conclusion may tell about the impact the story or situation had on you as well as something you learned from it. You may want to tell how you feel now, afterward everything which happened to you in the past. As you tell about yourself, describe your present opinion, tell why it’s important for you and if your attitude to the events described has changed or still the same.

Best 20 Essay Topics About Life

The main secret of a cool essay – make your topic personal and try to write the true story. You could write an essay about experiences in life which shaped your personality or influenced your life or character. Sometimes your professor can ask to think about the situation which resulted in certain changes. Working on an essay about life changes you should recollect some events or sequence of events which were linked to each other and impacted each other. Frankly speaking, there are a lot of stories each person can tell, and sometimes even the small event can become a great story. It’s a good idea to analyze your fails, as each failure teaches us some valuable things. Write an essay about failure in life to describe it. Of course, the best idea to write about something which makes you happy. Therefore, it’s also possible in the personal essay about happiness in life.

Feel free to use your topic ideas for your essay. If you’re completely new and still struggle with "how to write an essay about my life" issue, try to combine several topics and add your own context to the matter. It will make your paper specific and interesting.

  1. The situation which influenced my decision to change the job.
  2. One day with a criminal. My unexpected experience.
  3. Your relatives’ expectations and what happens when you follow them.
  4. Fear to speak up for myself. What I did to become brave.
  5. The decision my friends would never accept, but I don’t regret.
  6. The day I lost the pink glasses.
  7. The situation I would like to change.
  8. When my first impression was completely wrong.
  9. The extraordinary social media experience and the result of it.
  10. The reason I take my own decisions and don’t follow pieces of advice anymore.
  11. What I understood when I realized my friends betrayed me.
  12. The moment which made you proud of yourself.
  13. A famous person who impacted your life choices.
  14. Why do people share someone’s private info? My own experience in dealing with it.
  15. Gossips in the big collective. Is it possible to stay aside from them?
  16. When you become rebel just to stand out. How I strike a happy medium.
  17. My ideas on finding perfect balance studying at a college and working part-time.
  18. The day I quit my dream job.
  19. Can we be inspired by strangers on the street? My own experience.
  20. Why relocation doesn’t bring you happiness.

Essay Tips About Life in Two Words

We hope that this article gave you a lot of good tips on writing a narrative essay about someone special in your life and many other topic ideas. To wrap up, remember, that choosing a topic you like gives you an awesome advantage which will definitely reflect on your grades. So, start planning by asking yourself: "Am I writing about someone special in my life (a person), an important event (e.g., a turning point, etc.), special memory (something in your past which impacted you a lot). When you decide about it, review the article and start creating your masterpiece.