35 Good Commentary Essay Topics and Writing Tips

Have you ever had to write the commentary essay? Do you know what makes it different from other paper types? Just as its name suggests, the commentary essay is all about explanation & description. The idea behind is to share your position or express your thoughts about a specific problem after reading or reviewing some written piece of information. Long story short, it is all about commenting something.

The most common mistake students make when working on this type of academic assignment is that they start by simply describing a topic or issue, failing to mention how they feel about it. What they forget is that unlike the reflective or personal essay, the commentary essay requires students to comment on a specific text, news item, or video, and not just share their own experience. The important thing to keep in mind here is that you do not comment your memories — you retell them. In some situations, you may add information from primary & secondary sources to support your thoughts, while in others you may include only your personal opinion without backing it up with evidence. After all, you should have a personal opinion regarding any topic in the world, and you do not have to look for evidence every time you disagree with someone else’s position, right? Proving something matters for the argumentative or persuasive essay, but if you deal with the commentary essay, you can relax and take things easy. The two most common types of the commentary essay are personal & social commentary essays, which in their turn are subdivided into different categories.

As you may have guessed, the personal commentary essay needs no other opinion but yours, so you may not use any extra sources while writing it. However, if it is the social commentary essay that you’re writing, you are to consult relevant sources and base your commentary on the combination of your thoughts and the authorities’ position.

35 Topics for a Commentary Essay to Explore

We have divided commentary essay topics into four major categories so that you could select the one you like based on your interests and specialization. Keep in mind that you should also consult with your teacher before choosing a particular question or problem to cover.

Social Commentary Essay Topics

Here are some ideas for social commentary essay topics you can investigate:

  1. Maintaining the balance between focusing on the plot & social commentary in John Gardner’s Grendel.
  2. Social commentaries for ‘Mice & Men.’
  3. Defending the storyteller from legal persecution in ‘Alice in Wonderland.’
  4. Critical analysis of Voltaire’s social discourses.
  5. The question of political & social commentary in the US.
  6. Zombies in movies and literature.
  7. The impact of recent foresting technologies has had on the general ecological conditions in the US.
  8. The significance of having smartphones turned on at all times contrary to high school rules.
  9. Government control over food served in college cafeterias.
  10. Social movements against illegal construction.

Commentary Essay Topics in Health Care

If you were assigned to choose one of the commentary essay topics in the health care area, here are some inspiring prompts:

  1. Do insane asylums in the United States improve their patient’s mental condition?
  2. Ways in which r the US government can invest in the development of healthcare services.
  3. Pros & cons of legalizing g euthanasia.
  4. Storage systems the majority of US healthcare administrators prefer to use.
  5. Ways of ensuring hygiene and promoting healthy habits in UK prisons.
  6. Methods of improving healthcare service.
  7. Important things to remember to ensure children’s health.
  8. How I perceive highschool athletes.
  9. Describing and explaining my daily ration.
  10. My view of alcoholic beverages and their impact on our physical and mental health.

Higher Education Topics for Commentary Essay

What are the higher education topics for commentary essay? We know the answer and suggest you explore our useful list!

  1. In-depth analysis and personal perception of Harry Potter movies.
  2. Commenting on the work of my classmate.
  3. Socialism and metaphors used in Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm.’
  4. The problem of high school bullying.
  5. Assessing the quality of food served in high schools.
  6. Fair vs. unfair means of assessing the student’s knowledge and skills.
  7. Several things I can tell about my professor of literature.
  8. My stance on degrees in business administration.
  9. My reasons for attending college.
  10. Why I consider SAT and ACT essential tools of skills evaluation.

Personal Commentary Essay Topics

Run out of ideas? Look through our list of personal commentary essay topics.

  1. How my friend’s parents’ divorce affected his perception of family values.
  2. The incident in my college that forced me to change my perception of youth suicide.
  3. My trip to the United States as an enlightening experience.
  4. Five major things that I learned during my first year in college.
  5. Important things in life.

As you can see, the majority of the ideas above are personal commentary essay topics for what is important in life. However, you can come up with a different theme for your writing.

Commentary Essay Writing Tips

Now that you have familiarised yourself with the above commentary essay ideas, let’s check out some useful tips that will help you deal with this academic assignment:

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