Interesting Biology Research Topics for Good Writings

Have you ever observed the natural environment that surrounds you with keen interest and curiosity at some period in your life? Have you been fascinated by how many different kinds of animals exist? Perhaps after seeing numerous insects of different sizes, shapes, and color patterns, with sharing remarkable similarities (for instance, moth and butterfly), you may have wondered how many kinds of insects there are in nature? Are they fixed in the number of their types (species) or do they keep evolving, with new species coming into existence over time while others become extinct? Have you ever been curious as to how the human brain works allowing you to perform complex physical activities?

Similarly, you may have wondered how your body works at the smallest level of organization. Indeed, such hard but exciting questions as these are what makes nature so remarkable and fascinating. The field of study in which possible answers to such questions as those above are explored and can be investigated is called Biology. The questions posed above could easily inform — at least in part — stimulating biology research topics. Biology is a field of knowledge that studies living things that exist in nature. Indubitably, it is a vast, complex and exciting field of study. Because it focuses on living organisms existing in nature, it is classified as being a natural science.

Students who are studying at any level (high school, college, etc.) should find the subject to be very informative, revealing a lot to you about how living organisms of various complexities are structured, how they function at different levels and interact with one another and the non-living parts of the natural environment. All knowledge of biology comes from investigative research. Usually, this happens in a methodical manner known as the Scientific method. That is a systematic approach of doing the following:

This systematic approach has been widely accepted and used since the 17th century across all natural sciences. Consequently, as a student studying biology, you can expect that when you are given assignments, an appreciable number of them will require you to carry out research of some form and level of complexity on different biology research topics. The use of the scientific method will come in handy for you. Research topics in biology are as varied as the branches and specializations in biology. There exists a plenitude of them, and you are to choose the one most exciting for you. When you are given the freedom to select biology topics for research you may actually have a hard time making your selection. To understand why such difficulty in selection can occur, consider the following, which are merely some branches of biology, and how many sub-branches and topics can come under them:

In actuality, this list is far from exhaustive since there exist over 30 branches of biology!

Biology Research Topics for College Students

As you would expect, for college students studying biology (whether as a main course or just a minor course), the level of exposure and research they will undertake will be more demanding and advanced at least when compared with the level for high school students.

The approach to doing biology research has broadly been mentioned as being the scientific method. But it is important to pay attention to what specific approach or guide is given by the course instructor. Besides, you should understand what is required of you in terms of the scope of the research, the time to complete the entire research and paper, and other requirements of the research paper such as the number of pages or words, text styling and size, header formatting or spacing between lines and paragraphs, and referencing style.

For the topics, by now you should already agree that they are numerous and varied. If you are given a specific topic, you effectively know where to focus your research on. Alternatively, should you be given the liberty of choosing a research topic from a list of topics or any of your choice acceptable to your professor, you will have to explore which will be most interesting and suitable for you. When choosing a research topic, we always encourage students to be cognizant of the following factors:

Biology Research Topics by Category — Narrowing Them Down

Considering that there are so many branches and sub-branches of biology, it is more practical and reasonable to explore possible research topics by focusing on a selection of branches of biology. Consequently, a list of possible topics is provided for each selected branch below.

Cell Biology Research Topics

Below are some research topics under Cell biology:

  1. Exploring how the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) attacks and destroys its target cells;
  2. Cells in the human body: main types and key functions.
  3. The flow of liquids in and out of a single-celled organism.
  4. How cells participate in energy transformation in the human body.
  5. Stem cells: evaluating its promise and potential of revolutionizing human organ regeneration.
  6. Exploring the changes in a human ovum before and during fertilization.
  7. The importance and role of carbon dioxide in plant cells.
  8. Zygote: how the first cell of human life is formed.
  9. Eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells: a comparison.
  10. Genetics: evaluating the positive and negative aspects of personalized DNA analysis.

Molecular Biology Research Topics

  1. Osmosis: an in-depth analysis of the process in a plant cell.
  2. Reproduction in human cells: the importance and functions of nucleic acids.
  3. The importance and role of oxygen in animal cells.
  4. How oxygen is absorbed and used in human cells.
  5. Viruses as biological weapons: how can they harm human cells?
  6. Exploring the energy sources and transformation mechanisms for water-based prokaryotic cells.
  7. Photosynthesis: an in-depth analysis of the vital process in plants.
  8. How proteins are formed in the human cells.
  9. The role of DNA in human embryo development.
  10. Hypoxemia: analyzing the impact on human blood cells.

Marine Biology Research Topics

  1. Impact of melting ice caps on polar bears.
  2. The changes in migratory patterns of polar birds due to global warming.
  3. The impact of uncontrolled fishing on some affected fish species.
  4. Oil pollution: analyzing the impact on fish population and reproduction.
  5. The 2010 deepwater horizon oil spill: assessing the impact on affected marine ecosystem to date.
  6. Great white sharks: exploring their habitats, population, and factors affecting their population dynamics.
  7. Investigating dead zones: meaning and global (or regional) dynamics.
  8. Octopus: assessing the population, distribution, and growth dynamics around the world (or in a specific region).
  9. The impact of human activities in coastal areas on marine vegetation.
  10. The impact of fibre optic cables on marine wildlife.

Human Biology Research Topics

  1. Hypoxemia: the impact on brain activity.
  2. How smoking adversely affects the human lungs.
  3. Genetics: the impact of personalized DNA analysis.
  4. Alcohol: exploring its impact on the liver and human brain.
  5. Prenatal smoking: evaluating the impact on the developing foetus.
  6. How quality sleep positively affects the human brain.
  7. How cocaine use impacts the human brain.
  8. Lung cancer: exploring the stages and impacts.
  9. The physiological benefits of drinking water.
  10. Protracted exposure to sun: investigating the possible impacts on the human skin and body.

Evolutionary Biology Research Topics

  1. Human appendix: investigating what functions it possibly served before becoming a vestige.
  2. Moths and butterfly: what evolutionary connections do they share?
  3. Gorillas and chimpanzees: a comparative assessment of their anatomy from an evolutionary perspective.
  4. Camouflage in animals: exploring evolutionary evidence in specific animals.
  5. Plasmodium drug resistance: evolutionary pattern of immunity of malaria parasites.
  6. Natural selection among aquatic organisms: whales, smaller fishes, and phytoplankton.
  7. Wolfs: assessing evolutionary evidence of their social behavior.
  8. Human vaccination: exploring possible limitations due to rapid evolutionary response of parasitic organisms.
  9. Exploring the evolution of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) to antiretroviral drugs.
  10. Mating behavior among lions: the evolutionary link.

Remember, these are just possible topics that are suitable for each branch of biology. It is not by any means exhaustive. There are so many more topics that can be included.

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